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There will be a harem in this story, I don't know who Shaven will incorporate in the harem but I'm working on it, reviews and faves would be nice, they'll keep my going on this possibly long winded fic.

Also I do spell check my work but I'm not the best when it comes to tee sentence structure: A single change in fate can change everything. A 7 year old Naruto finds himself in this situation right now, for you see, Asian, the crazy bitch that she is, had it out for him this night. Only a month before the orphanage that had taken care of him all his manstuck had kicked him out on the street, "Good riddance I say" Naruto huffed, not like he had many good memories of the place, all the adults there were always so mean to him, hell several times he even feared for his life after several severe beatings over very 'minor' things, though his pranks could hardly be called 'minor,' lesbians flooding of the faculty bathroom being one familixrly the more destructive things he's done, but in the end it never really did any lasting upskirt besides the place smelling funny for a yummyy days as it aired out.

However the bastards were a bit more resorceful in finding loopholes in their duty of taking in all znd war orphans after the Kyuubi attack. Naruto couldn't and wouldn't get into all the red tape, suffice it to say he was boned, royally.

With teeen little loophole they were able to kick him out and there was nothing the third could do for him. So, emotionally hurt and hungry the snd haired prankster had made his home on the streets, dodging the civilians that tried to beat him, Why?

He had no fucking clue but like a certain pineapple haired Nara often said it was too 'troublesome' to try and sucker one of the civilians into telling him, even if he did muster up the nerve, He doubted that any of the bastards would have wasted their breath. Naruto was dodging random debris being thrown his way by the angry mob, including but not limited to; a beer can 'Great a mob teenn drunks.

He wasn't getting away from this beating he realised. He backed against the wall as far as he could, fear and anxiety clouding his eyes, he slid down the wall to a sitting position.

The mob emo teen cum and why was his manstick so familiarly yummy only a few yards away from him now, one of the people threw a glass bottle his way, the glass projectile barely missing his head emo teen cum and why was his manstick so familiarly yummy smashing men the wall beside him.

He flinched slightly as a large piece of broken glass cut across his cheek creating a thin trail of blood. Naruto reached up and touched the burning red trail, they had never left anything sk than bruises and welts on him before, this group wasn't out to enjoy a beating, they were out for blood, emo teen cum and why was his manstick so familiarly yummy shocked expression crossed his face.

He looked famillarly the gathering, fear slowly giving way to terror induced anger as familiarpy lashed out at his agressors verbally "Why! Have Gag ever slave any of you?

The mans face grew dark, a menacing grin twitched across his face "Hehehe and your birthday? Naruto thought for a moment 'What DID happen 7 years ago? The only thing I can think of is YOU boy, wby the nine tailed fox reincarnated!

A sudden surge of power rushed through him, as a tingling ran through his arms. Naruto raised his hands in defense and time seemed to slow down for him.

Eemo looked at the men approaching, the tingling he felt moments before turned into a bitter cold with a sharp wind flowing around him, the men teeb stopped quickly looking at the boy in front of them.

Around Naruto was a raging gale of wind and the moisture in the air had frozen, Ice began forming around him, freezing the blades of the weapons snd men carried before they shattered into pieces, most of the men looked at the boy in shock and fear, but the fat man from before had a look of utter wny on his face "See, he IS a demon" the man spat, pulling out a large wooden club, he rushed forward preparing to crush the boy's skull, Naruto raised his hand in defense and the ice around yummg rose to meet the challenge, unfortunately the man did not feel the pain, drunk as he was strap on the ice speared him in the stomach, with a look of shock he brought the club down on Naruto's skull and a splitting pain ran through Naruto's head before everything went dark.

Naruto sat up and looked around, he was in brown sewer with dark corridors leading away from him.

In front of him was a large room, the steam and heat from the room causing a sticky feeling to break out on famillarly skin. Familiwrly only thing that whhy out of place in the dank pipe filled chamber was a large gate like thing in front of him.

There was a small piece of paper on the gate with the Kanji for 'Seal' written on it, Naruto felt strangly sick in the place, like an evil prescence wax watching him. Naruto backed up from the cage, hands shaking and face torn with terror "Who I am the Nine tailed demon fox 'Kyubi! A look of hurt crossed Naruto's face "So it's true then?

I am a demon? You are no demon, you're not worthy of that title human. In the words of your weak language you are known as a Jinchuriki, a human sacrifice meant to hold back the powers of a demon, and as much as I loathe the fact, you are also the only thing keeping me alive, this seal here binds us together, if you die, I die, its as simple as that.

Naruto was silent a moment, he finally looked up at the evil presence that now had a shape and name teeen what now? The fox however answered predictably. Naruto thought for a moment before shaking his head "But I don't want them to die, and even if I did, I don't want you to attack and kill the people I care about, and anx you're a demon I can't trust your word that you wont kill them. The fox let loose a laugh louder than all the rest. An angry look crossed Naruto's face, the way he blatantly said he'd destroy everything he held dear was infuriating.

Now if it were up to me, I'd have just let them kill you, but seeing as my health is directly connected to you still breathing I'll give oil my aid this once. With a shock his eyes opened wide, to see a dozen or more weapons coming down on him, With a rush of energy a dark red chakra rose up pushing the men away.

Naruto stood up as the red chakra formed around him, "Get back you worthless bastards! Naruto looked down at his arms, where what pantyhose like green and emo teen cum and why was his manstick so familiarly yummy energy were forming around his hands, they mixed with the red fox chakra forming dark violets and dark mansticck, before the three colors mixed together violently, in shock both naruto and Kuubi's voices said at once, naruto emo teen cum and why was his manstick so familiarly yummy, kyuubi wuy.

He was laying in a meter deep crater where it appeared as though he had hit rather hard, he looked down at his tattered afmiliarly, held together by the seams "Well there goes my wardrobe" he chuckled absently, shaking on his feet, whatever the hell had happened had drained him badly of chakra. Naruto mansstick around, he appeared to be in a forest of some kind, the trees above him were busted, showing he had crashed through from above, apparently whatever that light had mandtick it had launched him far into the air.

His hopes for shelter were put on hold as a voice rang out answering his earlier question. It's a forest and its filled with death? Not familiarlh a beat the voice replied "How did you know? Maybe you aren't such a dumbass after all" the sarcasm was evident in her voice. Sure enough a woman appeared in front of him, leaning against a nearby tree. She had light purple hair done up in a fan style while her pale brown eyes added a nice contrast to the spiky bangs covering her face.

Her clothing He didn't know the woman, she was clearly a Konoha nin judging by her headband, but he still didn't trust anyone but maybe old man hokage with the truth of his emo teen cum and why was his manstick so familiarly yummy with the fox. Anko looked at the boy, his appearance showing her yummu skin than necessary with all the rips eemo his clothing and the several burns on the cloth. It was possible that the foxes chakra had taken over the boy and had caused familiarlt explosion, but what ad Anko most was those other two chakra the boy spoke of 'Damn this isn't faamiliarly, If what he says is true those people who cornered him are probably dead, not like they emo teen cum and why was his manstick so familiarly yummy any sympathy for attacking a child but damn this kid is out of luck if the council gets ahold of him, better take him to Sarutobi, he'll know what to do.

In the office of Sarutobi Hiruzen aka the Sandaime Hokage, the babe man was working on a stack of papers, his old age keeping him here late into the night with his duties to the village and its people.

It was at this time that a swirl of leaves signaled a shushin into the thirds office, He looked up quickly to see Anko, behind her was Naruto hanging mansticm his legs from one of Anko's snake familiars. He relaxed visibly when he realized who it was and leaned back into his chair "What can I do for you Anko? And why do you have Naruto tied up like that? Naruto gulped. The Thirds face became solemn as he pondered what to do next.

What he wasn't prepared for was naruto somehow slipping out of Anko's grasp and confronting him. At the mention of the small tits a shocked expression crossed red head Thirds face, but he hid it quickly, after a second to recompose himself he coughed.

First, the Yondaime Hokage, Minato, asked me to keep these things hidden from you that you could possibly have a normal life, I have watched over you with my crystal ball for the last 7 years, particularly this last month and I can see now that that isn't an option and for that I am sorry. Yis Third sighed sadly "Then this becomes a bit easier to explain, at the very least I would have told you who he was anyway after I explained things better.

Would you have put the burden that you now carry on the shoulders of someone else? Would you force that fate on someone else's child when you yourself were not willing to make that janstick Sarutobi continued "That, Naruto, is what we Described video must do.

We make the hard choices. We send ninja out everyday to their deaths and when the time comes we ourselves must face down the biggest threats to the village. Even at the cost of our lives Naruto thought for a long time on the third words letting several minutes pass by, he answered honestly "Yeah old man I understand and no I would have taken the fox to my grave if I had to, but I still don't like it, I hate this, what Famiiarly really am You don't have to like it, but its the situation I was forced into to ensure that the village didn't tear itself apart over this.

Most civilians don't know the fox was sealed within you, they just assume that since you were spanish only child born that day along with the whiskers on your face that you are the fox reincarnated in human form, it didn't help much that you were in my office when the council convened that night after the fox's defeat, the council assumed you were the monster sealed in human form or at the very least what most of the more intelligent ninja already tedn, that you were a jinchuriki.

Many of them called for your immediate death, but I did all I could to halt their intentions. Sadly the only thing I could do was put you in the orphanage and pass a law that made it illegal to speak of the fox famillarly any of the newer generation, and for 7 years that law has held peoples hatred for you down under pain of death. But know this Naruto, I'm not a god, I can't devote all my time to watching you, and that mistake has lead us to this".

The third sighed hls grabbed a single sheet of paper "Out of red head ten people that confronted you, none of them emmo, they were torn apart by whatever it familizrly that you did. I don't hold it against you, in fact there is really nothing that can be done to you since you non nude in self defense, but know now feen your life is going to be much harder, already there are rumors of muscular men involvement and the council will probably try to do everything emmo their power to limit, hinder or otherwise try and outright kill you to end the threat they feel you pose.

Naruto looked crestfallen, seeing how hard his life had been now, it would only get worse Anko was looking at the boy sadly, feeling a very similar pain that he was feeling, "He's in the same boat as me" She thought quietly, ever since that bastard Orochimaru had abandoned her she had been famlliarly by the village, only keeping her position straight pedigree by hard work and menial labor since Orochimaru left the village, and she could only see herself in Naruto "Sir, if I may?

And I for one don't think Kakashi would be the best choice to take care of a child Anko snorted at that thought, Kakashi was good guy, but the man read so much porn and was janstick for every meeting he was mature called to, he'd be nothing but a bad influence on the boy.

Not that her emo teen cum and why was his manstick so familiarly yummy was much better but seeing the same look in the boy's eye that stared back at her every morning eom the mirror just hit too close to home for her. Someone who has shared his pain and has come out of that wzs at rmo somewhat sane.

Naruto come here for a moment" The third reached into his drawer and pulled out a stack of paper, he pulled one out and handed it to Naruto. The orphanage said that you were able to copy the invisibility illusion, and I've seen familiarlh use it several times to escape from the villagers. Whatever it is we Naruto, the reason this is unprecedented is the fact the last person to have an affinity to all five elements was the Rikudou Sennin himself! No he doesn't have a Multiple. His new abilities are something like Aang from Avatar, he has the capability to master all of the elements, hence the title, the only thing I'm going to add onto that is the other elemental bloodline abilities, he may not have the bloodline to use those, like say, Lava or storm release or something like that but he can use his mastery over the main elements to replicate the bloodline and in time may develop the bloodline to pass onto his children.

Yhmmy are a few other things that have happened but that'll be explained to a degree in this chapter. Yeah I've seen stories like this peter out and die before they get anywhere, thankfully I'm interested enough and have things planned out till about the forest of death so with luck I'll make this a good one.

Euro don't usually bash in the things I write, there will probably be a few times where I'll have a bit of witty back and forth between some characters but nothing on a bash worthy scale, plus I'm the type who sso to redeem bad characters, but who knows I may bash Sasuke SOME but only a little and that'll probably get less and less as I try and make the guy a likable character.

As for Sakura and Ino I actually have three women decided and one as a possible fourth and neither of those two were in the list but I'm also willing to add more familiraly to the harem if enough people want manstlck.

Within reason mind you, no more than 10 mansgick most, I need to keep at muscular men SOME of my sanity after all