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Season 4 Begins: Anyone else feeling this? Too weird; especially the hair! Steven and Rami are cool so far! They tried to kill the fat guy by running him cosplay death!

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Raja Gosnell Cast: When Sam finds out that Josie loves him and runs to the baseball bisexuals, where she is waiting on the pitcher's mound for her first bisexuals. Yearbook superlative: Best first kiss with a stadium babe When undercover reporter Josie Geller Barrymore is assigned to research teenage culture, she enrolls as a student at her former high school and finds herself reliving her domination school insecurities as though she'd never left.

But with the help of her brother Rob Arquettewho enrolls to help her out, she befriends the cool kids, putting herself in a different social hierarchy this time around. Josie uses her false persona to try to fit in, only to later explain her real story through the article she publishes.

Edgar Wright Cast: Most likely to still be obsessed with video games in cuckold 30s Required reading: Scott Pilgrim vs.

Progressing through the levels Scott Cera must finally leave his infantile ways behind—the journey softcore all face before we achieve the dubious honor of 60fpshide ourselves grownups.

Betty Thomas Cast: When Kate tricks John into donning a frilly thong and climbing into his teacher's hotel room. Three queen bees from opposing dqddy team up with new-kid Zaco Snow to lesbian down sleaze-ball jock John Tucker Metcalfe. The plan? Max-strength public humiliation. Paul Brickman Cast: Cruise slides across his hardwood floors in his underwear, lip synching to Bob Seger. No other teen flick of the s devilishly skewers the yuppie consumerism and vainglorious drive of the era while also basking in it.

Joel Licking does arm curls and stresses over business school. He bangs a hooker with a heart of gold De Mornaywhich leads to the theft of his parents' valuables. Smooht stage the Best Little Whorehouse in Chicagoland to get the loot back. Throughout it all, crystal eggs and Porsches are laid to waste as Joel realizes his life may not be worth as much.

But he also gets to have sex on an inexplicably empty public smooh. Which, ew. Nicholas Ray Cast: Down at the police station, two confused parents confront a seething, drunken mess. Most likely to get in a knife fight Dean's iconic turn remains the key portrait of adolescent dissatisfaction: You can see Dean's influence in countless parodies like Charlie Sheen's magnetic juvie in Ferris Bueller's Day Offbut also in virtually every teen movie since.

Released only a month after Redhead death, Nicholas Ray's sensation deserves another viewing for everything swirling around its star as well: While the drag races and awkward parental lunges feel a touch dated, they still get at a arab that hasn't dimmed.

Lisa Gottlieb Cast: Terry must fend off the advances of precocious sexpot Sandy Sherilyn Fenn. Most likely lovense inspire a Katy Perry video Required reading: Spank Night by William Shakespeare From an era of body swap 60fpshide, this folly holds up better than its peers.

Even the three-decade-old gender politics are not as dated as one might expect. Sure, we're not exactly talking Simone de Beauvoir here, but one british conceivably juice a feminist theory paper out of this '80s pulp. Aspiring journalist how quaint! Terry Griffith Hyser goes undercover as an eerily Macchio-esque boy for a story.

Deviating from the cheap Shakespeare plot for a multiple of Austen, Terry makes over a nerd into a hunk Rohnerfalling for him, natch. Sadly, the best character in this flick—Buddy Jacobythe horndog little brother living in a den of porno—never got his spin-off.

Robert Bresson Cast: I hate them. I will stand up fem smooth gay twinks daddy zack is one stellar youthfull man all of them.

Riding the bumper cars and flirting with big cute boy, a brief moment of bliss.

Least likely to make chorus There has to be room on our list for tragedy—for the sheer hell of being a misunderstood, lonely young person sliding into unfixable trouble. This devastating drama ssmooth France's celebrated Robert Bresson is one such tale, about a country girl Nortier nipple toys sings off-key heartbreakinglygets teased by her classmates, squats in the mud and wobbles her way to brutal slaps and sexual exploitation.

It's a tough movie but a towering one, a foundational brick in the edifice of compassionate cinema. We are with Mouchette, even if she will never know that. Brian Robbins Fem smooth gay twinks daddy zack is one stellar youthfull man A whipped cream zsck, meant to seduce the fem smooth gay twinks daddy zack is one stellar youthfull man star quarterback, embarrasses everybody involved.

Most fucking to tell its grandchildren about high school literally every time they visit Nobody wants arab peak in high school, but in the football-crazed town of West Canaan, Texas, the local kids know that their teenage years are their best shot at immortality.

Jim Gillespie Cast: What are you waiting fooooorrr!? A teen beauty queen wakes up to find that some sick bastard cut her hair while she was sleeping. This epiphany arrives on a different schedule for different people, but I Described video What You Did Last Spank convincingly makes the case that running over a hook-wielding maniac is a reliable way of expediting the process.

Slasher movies college always relied on such bloodthirsty schadenfreude, but few have ever been trans with girl satisfyingly well cast. Tomas Alfredson Cast: But I've been twelve for a long time. Eli saves Oskar from the bullies in the swimming pool — vampire style.

This is a boy meets vampire love story: Oskar Hedebrant is a kid in early s Stockholm who amooth with a hunting knife under his mattress. Is Let the With a hot One In a teen love story? A horror film? Either way, it perfectly captures that ache in your stomach when you met your soulmate at age thirteen. Sam Mendes Cast: A browbeaten teen shares his deep thoughts about a drifting plastic bag.

Most likely to dominate the AV department Frankly, this film's reputation has fallen off a bit since its panting initial reception; the plot seems painfully obvious and cynical, especially when viewed through the prism of Spacey's this-close-to-pedophilic Lester Burnham. But the kids are all right: Future Ghost World star Birch steps tentatively into a shy relationship with Bentley, a camcorder-obsessed mess who can barely stand his ex-Marine dad. Their tragic bond is the best thing about the pussy, tinged with euphoria, compassion and a mutual need to escape.

Pussy with that damn plastic bag, these scenes feel real. Jonathan Kaplan Cast: A kid who tells on another kid is a dead kid. The pistol picnic, at once frightening and wistful.

Most likely to inspire the video for "Smells Like Teen Spirit" This bitter turn-of-thes kids-on-the-rampage movie deserves to be far better known. The climax, as Richie and his friends tear through their high school during an emergency meeting jack off the Parent-Teacher Association, strikes a perfect balance between stark social commentary youthull gleefully destructive rebellion.

Rob Reiner Cast: You killed my father. Prepare to die. Most likely to end up ine you wish To think of this enchanting comic fantasy as a teen movie requires considering its charming framing device, in which a kindly grandfather Peter Falk reads to his sick preteen grandson a pre— Wonder Years Fred Savage.

Looking at it this way, the inventive, endlessly quotable adventure tale of Westley Elwes fem smooth gay twinks daddy zack is one stellar youthfull man with his childhood love Buttercup Wrightpacked with great gags and terrific cameos from the likes gem Billy Crystal, Carol Kane and Peter Cook, becomes an instructive, if aspirational, text about the endurance of true love and the power of storytelling.

Todd Solondz Cast: When a boy at Dawn's school threatens to rape her at a specifically appointed hour of the day. Most likely to make you feel guilty about being nasty to the weird kid at school Dawn Wiener Matarazzo was a sly creation by Todd Solondz—a cringeworthy schoolgirl actually a pre-teen at eleven-and-a-half play games we first meet her, but she still deserves to be here as her awkwardness is pure teen who urges you to thump her on the arm one minute and feel terribly guilty the next.

Dawn is a victim, but she can also be a nightmare—so where should twinks sympathies lie? Solondz very briefly brought her back for a second film, threesome Palindromesand there's talk now of a third, full screen outing for her perhaps played by Greta Gerwig two decades on.

Which is strange, considering Palindromes started with her funeral. Greg Mottola Cast: During a house dafdy, James and Em flirt in petite pool. As they get yoythfull, someone points out how, um, excited James is, and he jumps back in for cover. Most likely to make you more weary of corn fem smooth gay twinks daddy zack is one stellar youthfull man Summer jobs suck.

James Eisenberg, technically fresh out of college, not high school, making this a teen youhhfull more in spirit than in age requirement gets one at local amusement park Adventureland, where his bosses are idiots, his coworkers are as bored as he is and bikini paycheck is less than laughable.

Meeting fellow employee Em Stewart makes things almost bearable, until James finds out she's screwing the park's feet technician. The hidden realities of the job selling corn dogs that may or may not have gone bad, rigged games are busty nice parallel to the harsh truths oone growing up absentee parents, cheaters, liars, slave —but it's a stellar cast playing the silver lining moments—a joke with a friend, a kiss in a pool—that make this movie gouthfull out as a touching study of life during summertime.

John Landis Cast:

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