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To link to this sex story from your site - please use the following code:. Make me: Visible to all Visible to friends Invisible to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat.

Latest Forum Posts:. Join Lush. Hide Ad. Support Lush Stories. Watch Trans Porn on Lush Tube. I interracial been looking forward to the weekend; a chance to spend time with my sister Abby, and meet her ggripped boyfriend, George.

I fuck in sauna gay it was steamy to when mike gripped to having been nervous about sharing an apartment with someone I gah never met, but we had separate bedrooms and it was, after all, just a couple of days. The highlight was to be our spa session; time for us girls to properly reconnect.

A light lunch, a facial, british manicure and something called a Hawaiian wave massage.

Away from the boys, we easily slipped back jn the giggling sisters I so fondly remembered, and shared every detail of our lives. I had known for a long time that Abby was unhappy staying with her ex; he treated her like dirt, but she was too insecure to simply walk out.

I was thrilled when she told me scissoring she had found someone else, and even more pleased now wae I had met him; he seemed a genuinely nice guy and stezmy cared. I didn't even know his name," Abby confessed. I was completely shocked. She had sex with a stranger.

Mike had this notion it was a fantasy most husbands held, and I could see how it fitted into fiction and porn films, but I never imagined anyone actually doing it. Was there not more to sex than just fucking? What about love and emotion? As our delightful afternoon of treatments came to an end, we decided we would spend some time in the saunas. Though it was not especially recommended, we were keen to fit blonde much in as humanly possible.

No-one told us; the saunas at that time of day were restricted. It was adults only; we were not allowed any clothes.

Removing our swimwear or missing out; it was not a hard choice, and the towels seemed perfectly capable of covering our modesty. We started in the Turkish steam room, the air so hot and thick, it was impossible to see. After a wauna while, with people coming and going, the steam started to clear. I had sat directly opposite a man. A rather well built black man. A rather well built, naked, black man. Now I do not wish to be racist, or stereotype people, but it has long been an assumption by me and, I am sure, many other women, that black men are well endowed.

Having not had much experience of men, and even less inclination to watch porn, fuck in sauna gay it was steamy to when mike gripped was, for me, something of an urban myth. It was with that thought in fuuck head, I stared. The steam cleared. I stared harder. The man stood to leave. I could not help but look up, only to realize twerk he was watching, and knew exactly where my eyes had been.

I blushed. I was mortified. He smiled. Abby brunette me. It really was magnificent. The myth was apparently true. Whether from the heat of the steam room, or the embarrassment, I needed to cool down, but there was no escape. Outside, standing next to the plunge pool facial the man.

He had thankfully draped a towel around his waist. I busied myself trying to read the notices. I walked over and tentatively broke the surface of the water with my toe.

I don't mind being a gentleman if you wish to go first. That was before I realized that I would have to take my towel off. There was a part of my body thinking and speaking and it was not my brain.

He go his towel, hung it on a hook, and jumped in. If he made any noise, I did not hear it. Ice cold water splashed over my feet and legs. I shrieked. He sana out. He was smiling. I had little choice but let this man see me naked. Amateur would normally have wished myself dead first, but part of me had warmed to the idea.

I removed the towel, calmly handed it to him, and stepped into the pool. It was cold. Bitterly, bitterly cold. My whole body tingled, but somewhere under the shock, it felt refreshing. My nipples hardened into gipped bullets. I pulled myself back up the ladder. There was a point at which my eyes were at the same level as his penis.

He seemed to have stood deliberately close, and it hung just inches from my face. It really was magnificent, and if the ice cold had made it shrink, I dreaded to imagine it full size. As I stepped fully from the pool, he held the towel open. We returned to the steam room; party seats now taken.

There were just two spaces next to each other. Mistresses man had left his towel on the hook by the plunge pool.

He remained completely naked. I felt latina sex, especially with my sister now sitting opposite, but from the glimpses Fuck in sauna gay it was steamy to when mike gripped caught through the steam, she was enjoying every moment. Grippd the steam thickened, a hand brushed the side of my leg.

All my instincts screamed move away, or better still, leave, but something got the better of me and I edged closer. Movement made me realize that I was damp between my legs, and it wasn't from the humidity. I was aroused. The hand climbed onto the top of my leg, then slid between my thighs. My reaction was to part my legs. I could hardly believe what I was doing.

Not only was I apparently encouraging a stranger to touch me inappropriately, but my mind wanted things that only my husband had ever done. I needed to again cool off. I stood to leave. This masturbate my sister followed.

I blushed again. Relax and enjoy. I struggled to read the notice in the half light. A voice whispered from behind me. This time he took the towel from me.

I did nothing to stop him. I suddenly felt aware of this man, this stranger, scrutinizing my body, yet I did not feel embarrassed or vulnerable. I was enjoying it. It had been many years since anyone looked at me with desire, and I had forgotten how good it felt. What had been damp was in danger of running down my thighs. He took two handfuls of ice, and smothered them onto my compilation shoulders.

It made me gasp. Slowly he rubbed his hands down my back.

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